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The Craziest Garage Doors of Our Time

The Craziest Garage Doors of Our Time

How do you use your garage? Is it just a place to park your car? Do you keep all your outdoor accessories like gardening tools, bikes, and sports equipment in your garage? Or do you use your garage as a room? Believe it or not some have the audacity to design their garages into personalized high-tech living rooms.

Interesting Garages - Arizona Garage Door & Repair

This unique garage was built in Japan. It has the capacity to hold nine cars and an elevator to display his cars in his living room! Is he showing off? Or simply basking in the joy of his incredible design.

Craziest Garages - Arizona Garage Doors & Repair

This garage has see through walls, a tent as a roof and is not attached to their home. It almost gives a carnival-like appearance, with its overhead tent and spacious exterior.

Craziest Garages - Arizona Garage Door & Repair

This “UFO” appearing garage provides plenty of space indoors. Although it may appear like a flying saucer it actually is a great facility for holding garages and has steel garage doors that roll back to let cars enter.

Garages are a great room attached or unattached to homes that can be designed in any way shape or form. They are great for protecting vehicles, storing supplies and tools and ultimately giving your home more face value (depending on what crazy design your garage has). At Arizona Garage Door & Repair we service your garage no matter what it looks like. So what’s the craziest garage you have seen?

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