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How to Decorate Your Garage Door This Holiday Season

How to Decorate Your Garage Door This Holiday Season

Dave Garage Door Repair not only provide repairs and installations, but offer great advice on how to make garage doors stand out this holiday season.

Dave Garage Doors, located in Palo Alto, believe it’s an enjoyable time of year for all families to decorate their garage doors for the holidays. In many case, the garage is the first visible aspect of a home that guests see when they arrive. With the rest of the home being beautifully decorated, this holiday season, why not try including the garage door to the mix.

Some decorating items include wreaths, lights, ribbons, wrapping paper, bows, magnets, and large garage door décor hangings. When hanging lights around the garage door frame, make sure there is an electrical source close by and do not plug them in until the process is complete. By placing a wire clip along the frame of the garage door about have a foot apart, they will have a beautiful sparkling appearance and won’t get caught when trying to open or close the garage door.

Decorating garage doors provides the neighborhood with a welcome view and entrance of the home. It’s important to ensure that the garage door is in working order before setting up any decorations to the garage door. If the garage door is stuck or needs maintenance before the holidays give Dave Garage Door Repair a call.

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Dave Garage Door and Repair has four locations in the Bay Area, All of their garage doors are backed by a 100% guarantee. The services they provide include garage door installation, repairs, warranties, garage door opener repair and replacement, garage spring repair, and 24/7 and same day service.

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