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Garage Door Springs

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Always find a reputable garage door repair contractor to handle your springs. Dave Garage Doors offers the highest quality parts at prices we know can’t be beat. Call us today and get a free estimate for your garage door repair or installation.


Garage Door Springs are by far the most common part of the garage door to break. The garage door springs are under high tension and should only be serviced by a trained professional. Be aware that there is Risk of Serious injury or Death. Torsion garage door springs are located above the door, parallel to the ground.


The garage door springs do the work when it comes to opening the garage door. A properly balanced garage door should have the ability to be opened or closed with just 2 fingers. All that High tension, and changes in temperature cause the metal to expand and contract, and over time the spring will wear out and eventually break.


If your garage door is equipped with 2 garage door springs, and one breaks, the other is not far behind. Springs do have a life cycle, and most are rated at 3,000-5,000 cycles. All of our springs come backed with a 5 year warranty. Further more, My trained technicians are going to install your springs properly which will greatly extend the life of the springs.

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Garage Door Springs

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